Interviewing a pet sitter

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The pet sitting industry is no different from other industries in that there are honest and dishonest service providers. I have come across pet sitters who advertise that they are insured and bonded and are members of certain professional organizations when none of that is true.

Ask to see proof. Any professional pet sitter should have a presentation manual with the certificate of insurance and bonding and various memberships and certifications included in their book. The insurance and bonding usually comes with multiple certified copies from the insurance company, so there should be plenty of copies if one is misplaced. The policy needs to include the Lost Key Endorsement and the Care Custody and Control Extension.

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Pet Sitter Insurance, why it’s important

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binks_logoI will occasionally meet a client who really doesn’t care whether the pet care provider has insurance. Then I’ll come across other clients who wouldn’t considering hiring someone to come into their home without it.

So what’s the big deal with insurance? Well, that insurance, a Pet Sitter Policy, covers your home in the care of the service provider, your pets, your keys and locks, and everything important to you against injury or damage caused by the sitter or your pets. The special coverage for your pets and home, in the provider’s care, is the Care, Custody and Control extension that is added to the insurance policy. There is also a Lost Key Endorsement on these policies. Read more