Should a trainer be a certified dog trainer?

March 29, 2011 by Karin
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Most dog trainers have no certification. They may have been self-taught, learned through trial and error, may have apprenticed with other trainers, may have watched tv, or any combination of other options.

One of the benefits of a training program is that there is a program of study associated with the certification. Testing is also required before certification is completed. Some programs are recognized by the industry and some are lacking in some way. A dog training program should have a history of dog training, learning theory, different techniques, problem solving, etc. There should be a hands-on portion working with a skilled trainer. Once the participant has completed the program, they should have a good understanding of dog training and be able to articulate the techniques - they are trainers after all. They should also have many tools that they can access when training.

The body of knowledge is vast. Being able to access it through a training program means that the trainer has taken serious steps in learning as much as they can about the dog training industry. Supplementing that knowledge with seminars, conferences, reading, etc ensures the trainer remains current. This is an industry where the trainer can very quickly become a dinasaur.

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