Crates for Puppies & Dogs

January 12, 2011 by Karin
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A crate is a great management tool for a puppy when he can’t be supervised. It will keep him out of trouble and prevent him from injuring himself or causing damage. It also helps with, and encourages, housetraining. The crate can be a peaceful place for the pup to rest, to get away from the activity of the home and it helps him relax.

However, should a dog be shut in a crate once he has matured and has proven that he can be trusted in the home? Long hours in a crate may stress and frustrate the dog and may lead to behavioral problems. Yes, it does happen.

While I wouldn’t give most dogs run of the house when they are alone until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy, I would confine them to a room - perhaps a kitchen with baby gates or doors that can be closed to other areas. This gives them an opportunity to stretch and walk around.

Dogs need social contact, exercise and stimulation. But they also need to spend some time alone when we are at work or doing other things. They should be able to adapt to periods of quiet in the home.

Each dog and situation is different and some dogs like the comfort of their crates and others don’t do so well with the confinement. Regardless of how the crate is used, it must always be a positive experience for the dog.

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