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September 15, 2010 by Karin
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Dog training methods continue to evolve. When I started training my own dogs for competition in the early 80’s we were taught methods that would no longer be acceptable with many trainers. While I wasn’t taught the alpha roll, it was a common practise with trainers. Choke chains were commonly used and we were taught the technique for using them effectively.

In the 90’s the training style shifted to a positive approach. Science supported this and it became the preferred style with many trainers.

When I took the dog trainer certification, I became aware of why the positive approach was more effective. We studied how dogs learn and why the aversive techniques should not be used as the first choice for training.

The standard of care in determining training practices is defined by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. They recommend the Humane Hierarchy which defines an order of implementation for applying training practices.

Even though dog training has evolved, unfortunately there are still many trainers who use force-based, old-style training. Perhaps they just haven’t accepted the newer techniques and prefer their “we’ve always done it this way” methods.

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