What Happened to the ACPSN?

August 17, 2010 by Karin
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ACPSN stands for All Canadian Pet Services Network. It was started in 2004, filling a need for a Canadian pet industry group. While the name implies it is an organization and some say it is a non-profit group, it is actually a sole proprietorship registered to Lara Willis in Toronto.

During the first few years, the owner of ACPSN provided everything a pet service would need. There were contracts and all the business forms, a pet first aid course, different levels of certifications, pet sitter insurance specifically for this group, etc. It was actually a brilliant creation.

As it was too much for one person to handle, Regional Representatives were assigned to handle some of the work. I was one of those volunteer Regional Reps.

Sometime during 2008 ACPSN started to fall apart. Communications became sporadic and when we were able to contact the owner, we heard of computer problems, staff problems and illness which were causing problems and delays. We, the Reps, started to receive complaints from members and prospective members and the only advice we could give was what we had been told - there was a backlog but it was being handled.

We continued to be optimistic and offered suggestions and our help. We suggested how the processes could be streamlined to make everything easier. We were willing to take these on. We thought our suggestions were being acknowledged but nothing was done. We didn’t have the power to make any changes as it was not our business to do anything with, and most importantly, we didn’t have access to anything - not a single thing. And finally communication ceased altogether.

I resigned as a Regional Representative in 2009. Not sure why those volunteer positions were created. I think they were for show. Regardless, I kept hoping something would happen and ACPSN would be resurrected. It was not to be.

Many complaints have been lodged with the BBB against ACPSN. The report states that the owner has not responded to these complaints. There is also some talk in other groups that an investigation is taking place. We can’t confirm this. As of this date, I would not recommend that anyone join the ACPSN.


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