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August 17, 2010 by Karin
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What do retired people for the next 10 to 20 years after retiring? Travelling, golfing and having lots of free time can become old very quickly. Some start consulting businesses in their specialty, others start B&B’s, some open stores and coffee shops. I started a pet service. This business idea was something that I had read about long before I retired.

I had read the book, Pet Sitting for Profit by Patti Moran. Many parts of that book spoke to me and I knew what I would be doing when I retired. But retirement came sooner than planned when a major downsizing of our IT department took place. The forced retirement wasn’t  much of shock and I enjoyed the free time - for a while. I was the Registration Chair for a local convention and that kept me busy for about about a month. But after that there was lots of free time and I knew I could be doing something else.

I knew that I did not want to be tied to a desk and having read Patti Moran’s book, I knew what I would be doing. I went to some sessions at the Canada/Manitoba Business Service Center on starting a business, and followed their guidelines. It took months of tossing around names before I settled on Pets Stay Home - Pet Sitting Plus and I registered that name. At that point, Pets Stay Home became a viable business.

Once in business and not satisfied with the status quo, I took courses in pet care and also took courses in business practices. I joined organizations and volunteered within the industry. I became accredited through Patti Moran’s organization, Pet Sitters International.

I had already been working on competitive obedience with my own dogs and had a better understanding of canine training than most of the competition. I noticed that most trainers do not have certification as dog trainers. That would, of course, mean that I would be different and become certified. I did some research and found Animal Behavior College which had a good reputation. I signed up for their Dog Trainer program in 2009 and completed it in August 2010.

Having a business, any business, means there is marketing, advertising, accounting, website development and all the other activities that a business requires. Fortunately I had the background that would allow me to do those activities myself - the whole shebang. The only office work that I outsource is at tax time - a CA does the taxes.

In business we become stale if we don’t continue participating in some continued learning. One thing for certain is that time passes so each achievement is a souvenir of our time. And each of those achievements makes us more interesting and more interested in what we do.

Update August, 2015: Pets Stay Home - Pet Sitting Plus later became Pets Stay Home Training & Care, and then in August 2015 we moved to Parksville, BC. Pets Stay Home Training & Care split into two businesses: Pets Stay Home Pet Services and Pets Stay Home Training & Behaviour Consulting. Both are operated by Mick and Karin.

Pets Stay Home Training & Care is a premium pet care and dog training service now located in Parksville,


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