Reducing Waste When Cleaning Litter Boxes

August 15, 2010 by Karin
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Litter boxes require daily scooping. If a new bag is used each day, that’s a lot of extra bags that are going into the landfill and that could easily be reduced to a third or less.

Here’s something that works very well. Get a small plastic garbage can, one with a lid. Line it with a bag no larger than a kitchen catcher. Each time you scoop, add to the garbage can. After about three days of scooping the bag should be getting full, and now take it out. There shouldn’t be odour if a garbage can is used that has a lid and it is lined with a bag.

Every small change helps because it’s surprising how many bags are used for cleaning up litter boxes.

There are other ways to reduce litter waste but when using bags, it’s the bags that create the problem.

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