Why we chose professional pet sitting software

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We switched from a manual scheduling process to professional pet sitting software in mid 2009 . For new clients, our old process involved filling in four different forms plus a Service Request that we would fill in at the interview. For repeat bookings, the client would email us, we would create another Service Request for the new timeframe, email it back to the client for approval, and the client would email confirmation to us. This was a long, tedious process. When we needed information, we would find it to be outdated or incomplete.

We needed to simplify the process and the record keeping. We reviewed a number of professional pet sitting software applications. As a member of Pet Sitters International we chose their recommended software, Power Pet Sitter. We chose a trial run of it and attended a couple of teleseminars in its usage. We were very happy with it. We introduced it to clients and received good reviews of it.

What we especially like about the software is that the client maintains his/her own information and appointment dates. We are still involved in the process in that we approve the appointments but much of the work has been shifted. However, for those clients who don’t have access to the internet, we will still create and maintain an account for them.

There are security measures in place for accessing any of the information. We tell clients that if they don’t wish to enter any of the information, not to. We can record other information in the file instead.

After having used the software for a number of years, it was definitely the right choice, not only for simplifying the process but in having access to current information for all clients. Clients are also happy with the ease of use for repeat bookings.

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Timed Visits for Pet Sitters

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Some pet sitters advertise 20 minute visits or 30 minute visits and charge a different rate for each. I have to wonder, what if the pet is ill, needs extra care or if there is a problem in the house? What do you do then? Do you say, “Time’s up, have to leave!”?

We don’t provide timed visits. We know that one day the basic care is fine and the next day the pet may need extra time. But even basic care can be 30 minutes. It’s surprising the amount of work that is involved in pet care. Timed visits do not work!

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What Happened to the ACPSN?

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ACPSN stands for All Canadian Pet Services Network. It was started in 2004, filling a need for a Canadian pet industry group. While the name implies it is an organization and some say it is a non-profit group, it is actually a sole proprietorship registered to Lara Willis in Toronto.

During the first few years, the owner of ACPSN provided everything a pet service would need. There were contracts and all the business forms, Read more

Retirement Business

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What do retired people for the next 10 to 20 years after retiring? Travelling, golfingĀ and having lots of free time can become old very quickly. Some start consulting businesses in their specialty, others start B&B’s, some open stores and coffee shops. I started a pet service. This business idea was something that I had read about long before I retired.

I had read the book, Pet Sitting for Profit by Patti Moran. Many parts of that book spoke to me Read more

Reducing Waste When Cleaning Litter Boxes

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Litter boxes require daily scooping. If a new bag is used each day, that’s a lot of extra bags that are going into the landfill and that could easily be reduced to a third or less.

Here’s something that works very well. Get a small plastic garbage can, one with a lid. Line it Read more

Education Keeps Dogs Out of Shelters

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“Education keeps dogs out of shelters & happily in homes.” from Dog Star Daily
Read more from this great site Dog Star Daily site

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Training Methods

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Time Magazine had an article in the July 30, 2010 issue on dog training methods. Discussing training methods can become as heated as discussing politics. It’s an interesting read.