Pet Sitting Over and Beyond Basic Care

January 17, 2010 by Karin
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We occasionally receive a quote request from a prospective client with the comment that all they want is a quick check of food and water and scooping of the litter. We can’t help those clients because our service is over and beyond quick pet care. Below are a few examples.

We monitor changes in the pet’s eating, drinking and elimination habits and in the overall health and well being. If problems arise we need to react appropriately, and that may mean a veterinary visit and yes, it does happen!

We need to ensure the home is safe for the pets. That means checking that the heat is on, no toilets are running, no water leaks in the basement, etc. We need to recognize problems and take quick action to resolve them. We recently encountered a situation where the back door of a home was wide open when we arrived. After checking outside for signs of tracks in the snow which would suggest that someone had forced the door open - none were found, we knew that the wind had blown the door in. The latch didn’t work and the door couldn’t be locked so we propped a box and a few other things against the door so it wouldn’t open again. But the best part of this was that no pets were missing.

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