To Board or Not to Board

December 17, 2009 by Karin
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This is one question that many clients will ask when it comes to care for their dogs. I had previously posted on this topic, and have a few more thoughts on the subject.

Each situation needs to be assessed independently. There are some cases where home care is the best choice; other cases where boarding may be the better option.

Consider the following two cases:

An elderly dog who needs lots of rest may do best at home. With a quiet, peaceful environment and regular exercise outdoors, the dog will do very well.  Allowing the senior pet to move freely in a room with the familiar scents and sounds may be less stressful than being moved elsewhere. 

A household with more than one dog where the dogs keep each other company during the day and night is ideal for in-home care. With regular exercise breaks outdoors, they do very well.

The two situations above are ideal for in-home care, however there are other cases where in-home is ideal as well. More often than not, the attention a pet sitter gives your dogs during the visits may be more than you provide in a day. There is the exercise, feeding, cleanup and general care that your dog receives that is spaced throughout the day that ensures needs are being met and that makes for a happy pet.

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