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Staying organized can be a challenge for any business. But for a pet service it will make or break the business. To help manage client and pet information, in 2009 I added pet sitting software. I did that very carefully with research over a couple of years. When I was finally comfortable with one product - confident that it would do what it should - I registered for it.

Which one did I choose? Power Pet Sitter! It’s the one that Pet Sitters International recommends and has years of testing behind it. I met the owner of the software in Atlanta, GA at the PSI Regional Meeting in September. When she had the software created for her own company, she had 100 pet sitters working for her, and needed software that would keep everything in order. With that type of testing, I know I made the right choice.

Clients have been very happy with it and have provided many positive comments.

We have been keeping pets happy in Winnipeg since 2004.

Pet Sitters

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A number of years ago I was interviewed by the Winnipeg Free Press on what to look for when hiring a pet sitter. The text of that of that interview is below. I have also added a couple of additional points at the bottom of this blog that should be taken into consideration.

November 3, 2007 Edition of the Winnipeg Free Press:
HEADING out of town for the weekend or planning a Christmas getaway?

For pet owners, figuring out what to do with your animal while you’re away can be a difficult dilemma.

Many pets prefer to stay in familiar surroundings and become stressed when taken Read more

To Board or Not to Board

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This is one question that many clients will ask when it comes to care for their dogs. I had previously posted on this topic, and have a few more thoughts on the subject.

Each situation needs to be assessed independently. There are some cases where home care is the best choice; other cases where boarding may be the better option.

Consider the following two cases: Read more

Do you need a pet sitter on short notice?

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One of the benefits of using Pets Stay Home - Pet Sitting Plus is that once you become a client we guarantee service on short notice. Once we’ve had the interview, met your pets and have the necessary information, we don’t need to go through that process again. An entry into our booking system, and service is guaranteed, even if it is for the same day! It’s easy and convenient.

To visit our pet sitting site go to

We’ve been keeping pets happy since 2004.

Do you really have to be a “pack leader” to have a good dog?

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There are many myths about dog training. One of them is about being the pack leader.

Here is an article from the Helping Fido site. The information is provided by behavior scientists.