Private Boarding - Due Diligence

August 9, 2009 by Karin
Filed under: Boarding 

Seems every day there are new offers for private in-home boarding for dogs. Some are worrisome. Here are a few things to do to check that you are placing your pet in a safe environment.

  • Is private boarding being offered by a registered pet service? See other posts in this blog on determining business legitimacy.
  • Will you be given an address so you can drive by? And can you drop off your dog yourself? Likewise, will you be able to pick up your dog?
  • Is the service insured with a pet sitter policy to cover injury to your dog?
  • Is the number of dogs limited to three? If there are more than three dogs, do they have a license to operate a boarding kennel?
  • Are the dogs screened? Do they ensure the shots are up to date?
  • Is the service aware of the by-laws, ie. maximum of three dogs in a home, barking (noise), etc.

Why private boarding? Clients will request private boarding because they may not want to leave their dogs in a large facility. They want the one-on-one care that only private boarding can provide. They also don’t want to leave their dogs at home with alternate care. It’s a choice that requires due diligence.



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