How can I tell if the business is legitimate?

July 30, 2009 by Karin
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A common concern for first-time clients of pet sitting services is how to determine whether the service is a legitimate business. Here are a few checks that you can do.

1. Are they listed in the MTS Yellow Pages? If they are, before they could get the business listing, they would have been checked by MTS that they are registered. However, not all service providers will register with MTS. Therefore, keep checking.

2. Do they have a business number? This is a tax registration number rather than a telephone number. This must be shown on all invoices and receipts. They must have this.

3. Are they registered for GST? While this is not required for low income businesses, established businesses will likely have a GST number. This must be shown on the invoices and receipts. If a business says that GST is included, a full breakdown on the invoice is required to show the GST portion. However, a business can supply a false GST number, so even that isn’t a good check.

4. Do they provide a name and address? While some business owners don’t want to provide their home address, if they are storing your keys and have full access to your home, I believe you, as a client, have a right to know.

5. Other checks that you can do are included on this blog site.


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