Who is walking your dog?

July 15, 2009 by Karin
Filed under: Pets 

While making a pet visit today on Grosvenor Ave, close to Lilac, a woman walked by briskly with a dog tight to her side and on a very tight leash. At times the dog’s front paws didn’t even touch the ground! From the way she was walking and the way she was dressed, I believe she was a dog walker. I find it hard to believe that the dog enjoyed that walk. And I find it hard to believe she knew much about walking dogs.

Dog Walking 101:

#1 Walk a dog on a loose leash. The means the leash needs to have slack and drop downwards and never be tight straight up at the side.

#2 Dogs need to stop and sniff. They need to have bladder breaks.

#3 Dogs are social beings and love attention so speak to them! That smiling face looking up shows that they are enjoying being out with you.

Dog walking may seem like a no-brainer but treating it as strictly business will not make it a very pleasant experience for the dog.


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