Should I board my dog?

June 6, 2009 by Karin
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Dogs are social creatures and do best with people and other pets around. So what about when the family goes on vacation and care needs to be arranged for them?

As each situation is different a number of factors should be considered prior to deciding, such as number of dogs in the home, other pets, care requirements, safety, comfort, and of course, your peace of mind too - you don’t want to worry about your dogs when you are away.

For short periods of time, up to approx. four days, in-home dog care with periodic visits works very well. For longer periods of time, when only one dog is involved, other arrangements should be considered because that’s a long time for that dog to be alone during the day. However, if there is a second dog, and the dogs can play together during the day, then the time can be increased.

We have clients with both cats and dogs. These clients will board their dogs and arrange for us to do in-home visits for the cats and to check on the home at the same time. The occasional client will have us also provide three visits a day for the dog.

We have one client with a large fenced yard in Charleswood and that dog has a doggie door to the back yard. He spends most of his day on the deck and can run in the yard any time he wants. He is also a very independent dog so that makes a difference.

Some clients that we provide mid-day service to will hire a live-in sitter, usually a student, for overnights and we continue to provide mid-day service while the sitter is at work.

Personally, we board our dogs at a local boarding kennel. We knew we had found the right place when we picked up our dogs and they seemed happy and well adjusted. And we started boarding our dogs when they were young so they became used to being there.

If a dog needs to be kept in a crate indoors then boarding would be a better choice than staying in a crate.

As I said, the circumstances need to evaluated before making the decision.


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