Rates for Pet Sitting Services

May 24, 2009 by Karin · 1 Comment
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If you have done any comparison shopping for pet sitting services you will likely have noticed a wide range of prices for services. Why is that?

Well, price is actually arbitrary for this type of service, so comparison of each individual service is needed. While the adage, “You get what you pay for.” may be true for many types of services, pet care services are the exception. Read more

Adding a new puppy to the family?

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Are you thinking of adding a new puppy or have already added a new puppy to the family? Here’s a great resource for you. It’s Ian Dunbar’s book on the Dog Star Daily site and it’s ready for download. It’s called After You Get Your Puppy.
Dog Star Daily site

Do you miss your pets when you are away?

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What's better than a sunny window, watching the activities outside.

I frequently receive emails from clients who are travelling wondering how their pets are doing without them. They miss them and may ask for special requests for care.  We understand that and are only happy to provide that extra special care for your family member and to send an update on how they are doing.