Should I board or leave my cat at home?

April 15, 2009 by Karin
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Cecil checking things out and making sure he has had his "me-time" for the day.

Cecil checking things out and making sure he has had his "me-time" for the day.

It depends. Most cats do very well at home. In fact, they will likely do better in their own home than being moved to unfamiliar surroundings. They are territorial and home is their own territory.

I recently came across two separate situations where the cats were moved to other homes for home boarding. Both cats became so stressed they went into hiding. That’s not exactly what had been planned by the well meaning pet parents. Once the cats were returned home, within a few days they were fine.

It also depends on who is doing the boarding. Professional boarding facilities such as those at some vet clinics, and other registered and licensed boarding services, have excellent facilities set up for care of your cats. On the other hand, the in-home boarding services that keep popping up may not be set up to provide the proper level of care for your pets.

If you board, ensure the business is registered and carries insurance for boarding of your pets. Someone’s home insurance is definitely not the proper insurance for boarding.

If you hire someone to come into your home, ensure that they have a registered business, have pet sitter insurance, have completed pet first aid and have a contract for services.


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